Smart Data
Extraction Features

Designed to Save You Time

Never Get Blocked

Continually dealing with IP blocks is one of the most frustrating parts of automated web scraping. With each request, Anything API rotates IP addresses from a pool of millions of proxies through over a dozen ISPs.

Captcha Solving

Fully automate your data extraction with intelligent captcha solving abilities. Our brainy server automatically handles captchas, so you can focus on converting websites into actionable data.

Automatic Retries

The Internet is a vast network, and can sometimes be unreliable. We'll retry failed requests automatically to increase the chances of delivering the data you need.

Javascript Rendering

JavaScript frameworks are more prevalent than ever. These frameworks add a layer of complexity when fetching data. Don't stress, though, we've thought about this for you. A simple API argument will pull the page using a headless Chrome browser.

Persistent Sessions

You may wish to maintain the same session occasionally. For example, this can be valuable when extracting data from paged content on a JavaScript site. The persist flag accepts an integer for simple reuse of your session. Passing the same integer for your next request will recycle your session.

Geotarget From 12 Countries

Get accurate, localized data without all the fuss.

United States
United Kingdom

Customized JSON Responses

It can be difficult to capture data from a third party website, but it doesn't need to be. Our element selectors are similar to jQuery and allow you to target data on any website quickly. You could grab data using an ID or maybe a group of class names. We use your element selectors to collect all the data you want after loading the URL from your API request. We then return a custom formatted JSON response with just the information you want.

Our selectors simplify the entire process of data extraction, giving you time to focus on more important matters for your business.


Playground is a unique tool designed for experimentation. Accessible from the Dashboard, Playground allows you to write test selectors to target elements on a page as you're building your selector object. All without writing a line of code.

Once you've found the selectors that work for you, copy the object into your code and start making API calls. You'll have the data you need in no time.

Unprocessed HTML

Have a use case for unprocessed HTML? If so, not a problem! Our API has a simple boolean parameter that enables you to receive the untouched HTML from any page.

99.9% Uptime

Multi-cloud by Design

An outage can have profound effects on your business. Our platform is not limited to just one cloud provider. We're multi-cloud by design, so during an outage, you'll automatically be moved to another region or even another cloud platform. Your customers will never know.

Unlimited Bandwidth

We Never Meter Bandwidth

Never worry about the size of a website with the data you need. We don't worry about bandwidth, and neither should you. Instead, we use soft API limits that are easy to track and monitor from the Dashboard.

Business Friendly Account Management

Error Logging

Easily monitor and review errors from the error logging page found in the account section. Be the first to discover when an issue arises.

PDF Invoices

Simplify expense reports with a easy access to your invoices history. Quickly download a PDF for any invoice as needed.

Account Event Tracking

We'll keep a record of all notable account activities. You get an extra layer of security by monitoring user activity on your account.

The functionality you need to collect the data you require

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