Anything API is a service that fetches almost any website's HTML page and parses it into an easy to use JSON format. We utilize a cloud architecture and several techniques to distribute requests to the host website. This distributed cloud architecture allows the API to scale to meet any need and prevents host sites from blocking requests for the data you require.

You're able to focus on creating your product instead of securing data, even when a standard API is not available.

Responses are organized around REST, and all responses are JSON formatted, including errors. All HTTP status response headers are based on industry standards to ensure predictability.

Before beginning, you need to create an account. You can access your API key from the account dashboard. This API key is used for authentication and is required to get responses from our API.

API v1 Endpoint


Please note, the API endpoint above includes HTTPS. All API requests must use HTTPS. An API request over HTTP will fail.