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Easily turn any website into a JSON API you can utilize directly on your site or app. POST the website URL and target elements on the page using a unique jQuery-like selector system to collect the data you need.

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Our API provides access to data for hundreds of use cases.

Collect Any Data From the Web

SEO Audits

Hotel Price Aggregation

Airline Ticket Comparison

Video Search Result Rankings

#Trending Topics

Price Drop Monitoring

Content Change Monitoring

Post Hashtag Scraper

Collect Product Reviews

Weather Aggregation

Twitter Profile Scraper

Lead Generation

Aggregate Profile Information

Query Top News Sources

Monitor Brand Mentions

Maintain an Article Database for Plagerism Verification

Display Your Online Reputation On Your Website

Yellowpage Who Called Query

Query Live Stock Information

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Not only is it easy to get started – it's easy to customize.

How it Works

Send us the URL and mapping object via API call.

Our powerful Fetch Platform will load the specified URL to get the page's HTML through a combination of Residential IPs, JavaScript Rendering, and intelligent Captcha Solving.

Next, Smart Data Extraction will use the selectors you specified in your mapping object to extract just the data you require.

In no time, you'll receive a custom formatted, scalable, and easy to parse JSON repsonse.

API Call
Fetch Platform
Smart Data Extraction
Formatted Response
Delightfully Simple

Our developer-friendly API makes it easy to get started.


An infrastructure built to provide high success rates.


Get quick results with high throughput.

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